Three steps to easily manage your content


Sign in with any device, anywhere in the world.


Create or import images and videos about your news, your products, your events, etc. and schedule them.
You can also add RSS feeds such as weather, horoscopes, sports news and more.


Just two minutes later, screens are updated with the new content.

Why opt for a digital signage solution?

Digital signage meets the expectations of customers in an exponentially more connected world.

In outlets or outside, adding « DOOH » (Digital Out Of Home) to your business strategy allows you to exhibit your products in a more interesting and engaging way, thus making clients more receptive to the presented product or brand.

The challenges are both to reinforce the omnichannel strategy and to manage the 360 ​​° communication by simplifying the coherence of the online/offline messages.

 Indisputable phygital sales’ tool, digital signage provides a smooth and continuous experience in retail stores by making them dynamic and digital.

Create a digital buying journey allows you to :

  • Convey your brand’s image and values
  • Interact with your consumers and build a loyal client base
  • Deliver a greater customer experience
  • Generate traffic
  • Decrease perceived waiting time
  • Increase sales

In your company :

  • Welcome your guests
  • Improve internal communication
  • Inform your associates
  • Disclose your objectives to your teams
  • Federate your employees around your core values
  • Spread the vision of a dynamic brand





Banks &

Real estate agencies

Our screens

Shape your own digital journey and create an unprecedented experience for your clients.

Screens, « totems », LED display panels, video walls, etc. endless possibilities for modern and powerful communication.

Our partnership with SAMSUNG guarantees you beautiful and reliable products.

Professional display

From 32’’ to 98’’.

Professional touchscreen display

From 32’’ to 55’’, up to 10 different touchpoints simultaneously.

LED display panel

Indoor and outdoor models available, made in France following European standards. From 2m² to 100m².


Outdoor « totem »

Both our totem and screen are waterproof and are safe from temperate swings. Endure shocks and graffitis.

Indoor « totem »

Contains 49’’ screen and is available in multiple colors. Only 12 cm deep and has a backlit document holder.

Video wall

Very slim screens, only 1.7 mm edge to edge.
It has a unique appealing effect and an immediate impact on your customers.

Our Sanbox solution is embedded in all of our products.
They have a 3-years warranty on site, equipment and installation included.
Those products can run 24/7 and thanks to our Sanbox, they shut down automatically when your company is closed.

Do you already have screens?

No worries, as long as there is an HDMI port, we can plug our external player. You will be able to manage the screen content and settings (such as when it should turn on and turn off).

Our software solution

Created to be the most effective and the most straightforward possible. It only requires an internet connection to access your account from your desktop, tablet or smartphone. From there you manage your screens’ content anywhere, anytime.

On top of creating, editing, and importing your multimedia files, you can add RSS feeds of your choosing.

Our Sanbox software is embedded in SAMSUNG screens, no more external players at the back of screens. Nothing more is needed.

From our headquarters in Ardèche, France, we monitor all of your screens for real-time feedback.

Solution SanCube (multi-display)

Be amazed by our multi-display solution: SanCube.

Thanks to the power of SAMSUNG latest generation players, screens can deal with multi-display.

SanCube solution lets you display in real-time the latest information on top of your message.

The screen constantly shows the latest sports news, local weather, horoscopes, date and time, to capture the attention and make your message more visible and impactful.

An effective solution to enrich your content and lower the duration of the loop.

Social networks solution

With our social networks solution, your latest Facebook posts are instantly broadcasted on your screens.

To do that, you only need to … do nothing. Your Facebook posts are automatically retrieved, formatted and added to the content list of any screens you want.

This solution has many pros :

  • Increased traffic on your Facebook page
  • Promote interactivity.
  • Expand your community
  • Keep your clients up to date about your latest news and events

Got a digital signage project?

We’re listening!