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Screens for every area and by the stage to
enhance the customer experience.

Today, 45 of Cultura stores have chosen ALLSAN’s solution to having a dynamic and effective communication towards their clients. The screens are located in aisles that are fit to share the latest news (movies, video games, board games, books, etc.), demos, as well as events, workshops, signing sessions, etc.

Video walls have been installed on the stage of the store for a more aesthetic and dynamic experience.

With their Facebook page being extremely active, our social media solution allows them to extend their reach to their in-site customers by automatically displaying their posts on any given screen. Furthermore, their messages needn’t be created twice (one time for their social media and then for the screens), a real time saver.


Screens to
bring together 600 employees

For large companies such as Cultura, internal communication can quickly become an issue, so they opted for our solution and set up 17 screens in their premises. Reception desk, halls, break rooms, etc. screens have been placed in rooms where a lot of people pass through or wait so that clients or employees can take notice of the messages continually.

With SanCube (multi-screen solution), screens also provide useful information like the weather, horoscopes, and others on the side of the main message. Digital signage then becomes a real source of information as well as entertainment.

INTERMARCHÉ (Étoile-sur-Rhône)

Digital buying journey inside and outside the store
to attract new consumers

Étoiles-sur-Rhône’s Intermarché set up a digital course to accompany their customers though all their buying journey. A LED display panel is located on the parking lot and a « totem » is at the reception desk. By browsing through the store, clients are able to its news and discounts due to the screens that are by the aisles.

Finally, at checkouts, screens are showing ads thanks to our partner CTM. Customers’ waiting time is then optimized.

Étoiles-sur-Rhône’s Intermarché has been the first supermarket to trust us and we’ve been working with them for 10 years now. It has developed a large digital transformation over the years and it’s still going.


Screens in the office to
ease and enhance communication

MMA Orgelet went for the digitalization of its office to have a modern and effective communication. A screen is positioned in the middle of the office and shows various content: tips, discounts for subscriptions, news, etc. A proper eye-catching source of information that promotes proximity to customers.

LECLERC (Corsica)

Screens through all the customers’ journey to
boost interactions

To improve the customer experience even further, Leclerc has selected our digital signage solution. Customer experience is being made dynamic with multiple screens: a « totem » at the reception desk, one at the bakery, one at the butcher shop, two at the free disposal of the employees to communicate, and a three screens wall at the fish shop. They manage, online and in real-time, the content of all of their screens with our Sanbox solution. They create or import images or videos for their discounts and news and display them on any screen they want.

At the checkouts, twelve screens show ads for local businesses thanks to our partner CTM.

GAN Sisteron office (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence)

A screen to
welcome and inform customers about new services

In the GAN network, their debate over modern and effective communication has been settled by installing one of our screens. By choosing the ALLSAN solution, they can update the screen content easily and adjust their messages in real-time. Customers get to have a dynamic source of information and advice.